Pretty Heirloom Rings!

By request, I decided to show off a few ‘handfuls’ of rings we have in stock. if you see something you like, call us immediately to place a hold and come in. our turnover is very fast. our inventory is one-of-a-kind, and I guarantee (no joke, go shopping then visit us) our prices are impeccable.  11896010_1714419448782064_164900464108909821_n  emeralds

11880521_1714784205412255_7327616866225174420_nmens, and a mix of vintage and 11865051_1712145159009493_6889212316058384095_odiamonds! a beautiful selection here….How would you like to have all of these beauties gracing your jewelry box? Major Heirloom pieces here!! Please call us if see anything. They will go quickly!